Naropa (1016-1100)


Naropa was a Muslim prince born in Lahore India/Pakistan he only wanted to practice dharma and requested to become a monk but his parents did not accept and he got married after some years his desire to renounce and dedicate fully to a traditional spiritual life was so strong his wife allowed him to become a monk.

As a monk in the great monastery called Nallanda he rose through the ranks and was instated as on of the 4 guardians, one morning an old ugly woman came to him and asked, do you know the words or the meaning? he said the words and she jumped around in joy feeling confident, why happy he also said that he also knew the meaning at this time he got upset and cried.

Naropa then asked the woman how I can learn the meaning she said her brother Tilopa can show him the truth, upon hearing tilopa’s name it stuck a cord so deep in him it made him cry and he set off to find Tilopa. Naropa had to go though 12 hardships in order to receive the teachings from Tilopa but finally one morning tilopa told naropa to eat the guts of a rotten fish just as Naropa started to eat the fish Tilopa smacked Naropa with his sandal making him unconscious when he come round Naropa’s and Tilopa’s realization became equal.

(first imagine Naropa in the sky in front of you)

Narpa Cheno (x108)

You are my guru

You are my Yidmas and my dharma protectors

Without you I am but a lost being

I beg you bless me all siddhis and transmissions.

Please take your seat on an open lotus above my head

From the centre of your head radiant white light shires brightly

This dissolves into the centre of my forehead may our bodies be one

From the centre of your thought a red light radiates

This dissolves into my throat may our speech become one

Form the centre of your heart a blue light shines

This dissolves into my heart may our minds become one.

Naropa dissolves into translucent multicoloured light

This merges with my heart.

Now we are not two may we rest in the unaltered state of Mahamudra.

(Silent meditation)